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About active wonders safaris

We're here to make a difference

Active Wonders Safaris doesn’t just operate in Tanzania; we thrive as a locally and legally owned business, deeply rooted in the heart of this enchanting land. Our commitment to being a part of the Tanzanian community is not just a claim; it’s the essence of our existence.

As a company founded and flourishing in Tanzania, every safari has a purpose beyond exploration. We are more than just tour operators; we are stewards of our community’s well-being. Our local ownership ensures that the impact of our safaris doesn’t merely pass through; it lingers, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the very place we call home.

At Active Wonders Safaris, we believe in the transformative power of responsible tourism. Our local roots enable us to create meaningful connections with the communities we encounter, leaving behind positive footprints that resonate far beyond the conclusion of a safari.

Choose us, not just for an extraordinary safari experience, but as a conscious decision to support a locally owned business deeply invested in the welfare of Tanzania. When you travel with Active Wonders Safaris, you become a part of a journey that leaves a lasting impact on the people and places that make our homeland truly extraordinary.

Crafting Yout Tanzania Perfect Itinerary

Planning your dream itinerary is all about you! We listen to what you want and then use our know-how to give you cool ideas for your journey. Whether you’re new to Africa or a frequent visitor, we follow the same steps: listen, give advice, create an itinerary, and fine-tune based on what you think. 

We’re not just about selling fancy places; we’re here to make an experience you’ll always remember. If you see an itinerary all about mid-range or luxury properties and prices, ask about the location and why it’s awesome. We believe the real magic of an African adventure isn’t just in fancy stays but in the unique places, cultures, and animals you’ll discover.

Best price guarantee

With our best price guarantee, you can be confident that you’ll always secure the most affordable rate. There are no booking fees when you choose to book with us. By opting for our services, you’ll find that our rates are either equivalent to or frequently lower than those offered by individual lodges or online booking platforms. Additionally, you gain the advantage of our expertise as we uphold high standards for your safari experience. Count on us as your reliable point of contact with 24/7 customer support available before, during, and after your trip, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Personalized Attention

As a small company, we take pride in providing personalized attention to your safari trip. Our size allows us to focus on the details that make your experience truly special. Unlike larger operations, we value quality over quantity, ensuring that your safari is not just a journey but a tailored adventure crafted with care. Our commitment to being a small company means you receive individualized service, where your preferences and needs are not just noted but celebrated. Join us for a safari where every moment is uniquely yours, and let our personalized touch transform your journey into an unforgettable exploration of the wild.

Reasons To Book With Us
  • Locally Owned
    We are a Tanzanian-owned and operated business, priding ourselves on our friendly, approachable nature and commitment to ensuring the success of your holiday.
  • Tailor-Made Trips
    Our holidays are 100% tailor-made and personalized, offering you the flexibility to modify itineraries to suit your preferences and make your holiday exactly as you envision it.
  • Personal Discussions
    We don’t sell online because we think it’s so important to get the details of your holiday 100% right by talking to you.
  • Top Guides
    Experience private guided tours led by fully qualified specialist guides who are dedicated to sharing local insights that make a meaningful difference to your travel experience.
  • Easy Payment
    Utilize our secure online or phone payment system for your convenience.
  • Customer Service
    Customer Service 24/7 before and during your holiday including an emergency contact telephone number.

Excited to kickstart your Tanzania vacation? Explore our array of enticing itineraries, ranging from captivating Tanzania safaris to thrilling Migration safaris. Ready to turn these inspirations into your dream trip? Head over to our trip builder and let the planning begin! We’re eager to extend a warm welcome to you in our stunning Tanzania soon!

Allano Fred and Clients

A group photo featuring the owner, Allano Fred, and the guests.

Active Wonders Safari vehicle

One of our vehicles that will take you on the safari.

Guide Amini | Active wonders safaris guide

Our most skilled guide in action.

private safari in Tanzania

Picnic lunch at the Ngorongoro Crater.

Our Financial Information


Beneficiary Name: Active Wonders

Beneficiary Account Number: 0026006406 USD

Beneficiary Bank Name: ABSA Bank Tanzania Limited

SWIFT Code (BIC Number) of Beneficiary Bank: BARCTZTZ

Bank Address: P.O.Box 14652, Arusha, Tanzania

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