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Activities During Safari and Special Interests

Enhance your safari experience by incorporating a variety of activities and catering to your special interests. While traditional safari days involve extended hours in the safari vehicle, we offer additional options to enrich your journey. Explore our curated list of Activities During Safari and Special Interests, allowing you to gain diverse perspectives and delve into various aspects of Tanzania. Customize your safari to include these captivating experiences and unlock a world of discovery.

List of Activities & Special Interests

Balloon Safari experience

Hot Air Balloons offers unrivaled views of the landscape and wildlife. It is possible to do a Balloon Safari inside Tarangire and the Serengeti .We normally use the specialist Companies Miracle Experience, Balloon Safaris. Please do visit their website for further information Serengeti Balloon

Hadzabe & Datooga Tribe Visit

The Hadzabe bushmen live in and around Lake Eyasi , just south of the Ngorongoro Highlands . This region is also home to the Datoga and Mbulu tribes . A cultural visit with the Hadzabe and the Datoga is possible and they will show you how and where they live .

Masai village Tour

It is possible to visit one of several Maasai villages during your safari . However , these villages are close to the main roads and whilst you will meet many Maasai , have a tour around their village and have an opportunity to learn about their culture

Walking Safaris

Walking safaris in Tanzania are about the authentic eminence of your game-watching experience. Depending on the fitness of the individual and the nature of the terrain, a bushwalk can be a gentle amble for around one to two hours to half a day,and mostly can be done at Tarangire ecosystem,Ngorongoro crater rim or Endument area

Kilimanjaro Day Hike

For many people , climbing to the summit of Africa’s tallest mountain is not an option . However , it is possible to do a one – day hike , which may whet your appetite for a future climb . There are many options available here , but a typical day involves driving to Kilimanjaro National Park ( approximately 2.5-3hrs from Arusha )

Empakai Crater Hike

In the Highlands area of the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area ( NCA ) , there are some great opportunities for breaking up a vehicle – based safari and stretching your legs . The stunning but relatively unknown Empakaal Crater lies some 40km north – east of its famous neighbour , the Ngorongoro Crater

Kikuletwa HotSprings

Hot Springs ( Chemka ) The Chemka Hot Springs are an oasis situated 120 kilometres East of Arusha . At these idyllic underground springs with the crystal clear , turquoise water , you can linger , swim and explore . The water is deep in places ( up to 10 metres ) . On the shore under lush trees you can camp . enjoy your snacks or soak up the sun

cycling Tour

These can range in length from two-hour tours of villages on Arusha’s outskirts to half-day tours to Arusha National Park and Mt. Meru, all the way up to full-day cycling tours to local landmarks such as Maji Moto or a full-day spent within Arusha National Park or at Lake Manyara conservation area.

Mto wa Mbu Village Tour

The bustling farming community of Mto Wa Mbu , located between Manyara and Ngorongoro , is home to around 18,000 people . Spend half a day here with a knowledgeable local guide and you’ll discover a side of Tanzania that many visitors miss .

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