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Our Payment Methods

We provide two payment alternatives for your convenience.

Direct Wire Transfer

Below are all the bank details that you will require to transfer the funds to our account. If you pay using this method, you need to bear all the ban

Online Credit Card

It is the fastest method, but there is a 3.5% bank surcharge that you need to add on top to pay, but there are no additional bank costs apart from

Direct Wire Transfer

Please find below all necessary bank details for transferring funds to our account. If you opt for this method, kindly bear all associated bank charges, as we do not include provisions for such fees in the cost. Ensure to mention our final bank account name in the transfer copy. Upon receipt of the swift copy, we will proceed to forward it to the bank for follow-up. Please note that this mode of payment typically takes a minimum of 7 working days for funds to reach our account.


Beneficiary Name: ACTIVE WONDERS

Beneficiary Account Number: 0026006406 USD


SWIFT Code (BIC Number) of Beneficiary Bank: BARCTZTZ

Bank Address: P.O.BOX 14652, ARUSHA, TANZANIA

These days, there has been a wave of online theft. We emphasize that all our payments are made through the banking details shown above and not others.

How do I make a direct bank transfer?

Payment can be made via direct wire transfer, either through online banking or by visiting the bank in person to instruct an international wire transfer to Active Wonders

What is the IBAN number for Bank in Tanzania?

In Tanzania, account numbers and IBAN numbers are identical. Account number: 0026006406 (SAME AS IBAN NUMBER)

What occurs following a wire transfer?

After successfully executing a wire transfer, please scan and send us a wire confirmation for further bank follow-up.

How long does it take for the wire transfer to reach us?

Typically, wire transfers require up to seven business days to reach our account.

Online Credit Card

This method offers the quickest transaction, although there is a 3.5% bank surcharge applicable. However, apart from this surcharge, there are no additional bank fees. If you prefer to use a credit card, please follow the link provided and input your details. Upon submission, you will receive an online receipt confirming your payment.

Please note that credit card fees are waived for the initial 30% deposit for safaris. However, a 3.5% credit card fee will be applied to the remaining balance, typically representing 70% of the trip cost. If you find this method costly, we suggest considering a direct bank transfer instead.

Why should I make payment using credit card?

Paying with a credit card is the quickest way to settle your payments with us, bypassing extensive bank procedures. Upon payment, we promptly receive approval, expediting the confirmation of your reservations. Please note, there is a 3.5% additional bank charge as stated below. Rest assured, there are no undisclosed expenses.

How do I know that my credit card payment is secured?

Yes it is. We use Pesapal and Pesapal uses bank level security and fraud detection software to keep your transactions safe. They are also PCI DSS and PCI PIN certified meaning they employ international security standards on all our transactions.

Why there is 3.5% charge?

The 3.5% fee represents a transaction fee, not imposed by Active Wonders but by the institution. In Tanzania, a 3.5% surcharge is standard for credit card payments, as dictated by the banks.

How do I receive payment link?

It’s simple, just Click here and you will be on the payments page

How do I know my credit card payment has gone through?

Upon entering your information on the secure website page, you’ll promptly receive approval and an online receipt, which should be printed and retained for your records. Kindly forward the payment receipt via email for swift confirmation of your booking.

What happen if my credit card transaction fail?

Should your payment encounter any issues, please liaise with your bank to authorize the transaction to Tanzania. Occasionally, banks may flag such transactions as potentially fraudulent, particularly those involving African countries. Simply inform your bank about the intended payment and attempt the transaction once more.


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