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african safari cost for family of 4

African safari cost for family of 4 ranges between $2500 to $3500 for a mid-range African safari in Tanzania : Taking your family of four on an African safari is an experience like no other. The vast savannahs, incredible wildlife and breathtaking scenery create memories that will last a lifetime. But before you go, it’s important to understand the costs involved so you can plan your adventure accordingly. In this guide, we break down the cost of an African safari for a family of four to help you budget and make informed decisions. From accommodation to transport to park fees, there are various elements that contribute to the overall cost of a safari. We will look at the different factors that affect prices, such as your choice of lodge or camp, your destination within Africa and the time of year you plan to visit. We’ll also discuss the different types of safari, such as self-drive or guided, and how they can affect your budget. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of the average cost of an African safari for a family of four, enabling you to plan a memorable and budget-friendly adventure. So let’s dive in and discover the wonders of the African wilderness together with us Active Wonders Safaris Tanzania

Tanzania safari cost | Tanzania safari cost for family of 4

The cost of a Tanzania safari for a family of 4 can vary widely depending on several factors, including the duration of the safari experience, the level of accommodation and amenities chosen, the activities included, and the time of year.

On average, a mid-range Tanzania safari package for a family of 4 can range from $2500 to $3500 USD per person for a week-long safari. This estimate typically includes accommodations in comfort safari lodges, meals, safari activities (such as game drives and guided walks), park fees, and sometimes domestic flights within Tanzania. However, children under five years old are eligible for discounted prices, so the cost may be lower than the price range mentioned above.

Factors that Affect the Cost of an African Safari

When it comes to planning an African safari for your family of four, there are several factors that can affect the overall cost. Understanding these factors will help you budget accordingly and make informed decisions. The following are some of the key elements that contribute to the cost of an African safari:

1. Choice of Lodge or Camp

The choice of accommodation can greatly impact the cost of your African safari. Luxury lodges and camps tend to be more expensive, while budget-friendly options are available as well. Luxury lodges offer spacious rooms, gourmet meals, and top-notch service, but they come with a higher price tag. On the other hand, budget-friendly camps can still provide comfortable accommodations and a great safari experience without breaking the bank. It’s important to research and compare different options to find one that fits your family’s needs and budget.

2. Destination within Africa

The cost of an African safari can vary depending on the destination you choose. Popular safari destinations like Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa tend to have higher prices due to their well-established tourism infrastructure and abundance of wildlife. However, there are also more affordable options available in countries like Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, where you can still experience incredible wildlife and stunning landscapes at a lower cost. Researching different destinations and comparing prices will help you find the best option for your family.

3. Time of Year

The time of year you plan to visit can also affect the cost of your African safari. Peak season, which is typically during the dry season and when wildlife sightings are at their best, tends to have higher prices. This is because demand is higher, and availability is limited. On the other hand, visiting during the shoulder or low season can offer more affordable rates and fewer crowds. However, it’s important to note that wildlife sightings may vary during these seasons, as some animals migrate or go into hiding. Balancing your budget with the best wildlife viewing opportunities is key when planning your safari.

Accommodation options and their costs

One of the key factors that contribute to the overall cost of an African safari is your choice of accommodation. There are a variety of options available, ranging from luxury lodges to budget-friendly campsites. Each option offers a different level of comfort and amenities, so it’s important to consider your family’s preferences and budget.

Luxury lodges are the most expensive accommodation option, but they provide a high level of comfort and luxury. These lodges often feature spacious rooms or suites, private bathrooms, and amenities such as swimming pools, spas, and gourmet restaurants. They are typically located in prime wildlife areas, offering stunning views and easy access to game drives. Prices for luxury lodges can range from $500 to $850 per night, depending on the location and level of luxury.

Mid-range lodges are a more affordable option for families on a budget. These lodges offer comfortable accommodation with private bathrooms and basic amenities. While they may not have all the luxurious features of high-end lodges, they still provide a comfortable and enjoyable safari experience. Prices for mid-range lodges can range from $200 to $500 per night.

For families looking for a more adventurous and budget-friendly option, campsites are a great choice. These campsites often provide basic facilities such as shared bathrooms and communal kitchen areas. You can bring your own camping gear or rent it from the campsite. Prices for campsites can range from $50 to $150 per night, depending on the location and facilities available.

It’s important to note that some lodges and campsites offer family-friendly accommodations, such as interconnecting rooms or family tents, which can be more suitable for a family of four. These accommodations may have additional costs, so it’s worth checking with the lodge or campsite before making a booking.

When choosing your accommodation, it’s also important to consider the location. Some lodges and campsites are located within private reserves, where you can enjoy exclusive game drives and a more intimate safari experience. These reserves often have higher park fees, which will be discussed in the next section.

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African Safari Cost for Family of 4

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