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Best time for a safari in Tanzania

Best time for a safari in Tanzania is between January and the Mid-March, as well as June and October, when the weather is mild and dry.

When planning  your Tanzania safari, it’s wise to do a bit of research on the best time for a safari in Tanzania on a kind of safari that you desire.  In Tanzania, we basically have more than one type of safari option, and each option is influenced by the relevant month.

You don’t want to start your beach vacation during cyclone season or discover that the Serengeti’s migrating herds have moved on and you have missed them.

Active Wonders Safaris we insist key points to remember when you are planning a safari in Tanzania first is your own interest and weather (a difference between dry and wet seasons).

Best Time For a Safari in Tanzania based on weather

Choosing the best time for a safari  in Tanzania you should definitely consider weather condition for the month you want to visit Tanzania.
On our table bellow take a look on the weather condition and the influence on the safari experience in Tanzania.


Short Rain Season
Not Best Time For Safari
Long Rain Season
Mid-March to Mid-May
Not Best Time For Safari
Short Dry Season
December to Mid-March
Best Time For Safari
Long Dry Season
June to October
Best Time For Safari

Best Time For a Safari in Tanzania based on interests

The seasons in Tanzania are more complex and deciding when to go depends on what type of safari experience you want to plan.


Calving or Birthing Season
January to March
Intense Big Cat Action
January to March
Rutting (a period of sexual excitement, reproductive activity and mating battles between males)
January to March
Grumeti River Crossings
May to July
Mara River Crossings
July to September
General Game Viewing
June to October

Most major Tanzania safari areas are at their best between January and the Mid-March, as well as June and October,  It’s comfortably cool, plus two million animals make the precarious Mara River crossing in August and September. Outside these months, you can track the migration elsewhere in the Serengeti.

April to May (the ‘long rains’)
November to December (the ‘short rains’)
Generally, the main rainy season (the long rains) produces tropical downpours in the afternoons and many safari camps close.

The short rainy season, with the occasional brief shower, is well worth considering., but safari camps stay open and game viewing is good due to dust being freshen up, creating lovely scenes, particularly for photographers also in these period peak season crowds are absent, and you can take advantage of lower rates.


Three Male Lions in the Serengeti National Park
African Safari Lovers enjoying game viewing
best time for a safari in Tanzania
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